7 Tips before choosing your Car window tint in Malaysia (Updated 18 Jan 2018)

7 Tips before choosing your Car  window tint in Malaysia

1) Familiarize with the various tinting alternatives and also Requirements

The more info you have relating to car window tinting, the much better it is for you. As a primary step, take into consideration seeing a window tinting shop as well as find out about a number of offered options. Some window tint glossary that you might want to know:
Visible Light Transmission (VLT).
— The percent of overall noticeable light that is sent via the window film/glass system. The lower the number the much less visible light sent.
InfraRed (IR) Rejection.
— Infrared light type the sun is only a section of the solar range which gives warmth with a window. It is necessary not to confuse IR Being rejected with TSER (total solar power being rejected) which is the true sign of how much power will certainly be blocked from entering your building.
UltraViolet (UV) Rejection.

— Indicates the quantity of ultraviolet (UV) energy that is blocked from traveling through the glass. UltraViolet is Light having a shorter wavelength and greater power compared to noticeable light. Ultraviolet light is possibly harmful to collection, archive as well as gallery things. Removing UV light can minimize the rate of deterioration. Specific acrylic sheets have UV filtering chemicals developed right into them.
Complete Solar Energy Rejected (TSER).
— The percent of complete solar energy (warmth) rejected by the window film/glass system. The greater the number, the much more complete solar energy (warmth) turned down.
Visible Light Reflectance (VLR).
— The percent of total visible light that is reflected by the home window film/glass system. The lower the number the less visible light reflected.
Tinting With Safety film– Could shield on your own against burglary. The performance of Protection films/ Safety films depends exclusively on the density of the film. Thicker products will endure a higher break factor, soaking up higher POUND/ inch2 (pound per inch2), thus the more difficult to pass through the car window. The thickness of Security/Safety films is measured in terms of Mil. which converts to Microns– 1M = 25 Micron. Thicknesses ranging from the lower end of 4Mil– 8Mil. However, the thicker it is, it’s a greater possibility of creating the power window failure. So I encourage you to take 4mil or 6mil safety film. It’s essential to note that security window films (safety window films) should NOT be put on the front as well as the back windshield. You need to be able to break the front windscreen if you are trapped in the car/ in case of emergency. Also, if you tint security film at the back windscreen, it will situation wooziness when you look at the rear mirror.

2) Cost vs High quality.

Many individuals assume that car window pigmentation is the same as well as they could just get the most inexpensive color so that they can conserve cash. Don’t constantly choose the most inexpensive tinting as it could possibly cost you more in the long run. Let me tell you why … Low-quality tint is the leading marketing products in today’s market. They are selling so excellent because consumers are constantly looking for the lowest cost with the best quality. So better continue reading to know more!

  1. A) Warmth Rejection drop greater than 50% after 1 year.
    B) Shade Discoloring Quick after 1 year.
    C) Orange Peel Consequences after 1 year.
    D) Bubble Appear after 1 year.

The more affordable car window tint utilize low-quality products which have the tendency to fade, fracture, bubble, peel off or turn purple. Further, usually less costly film don’t have the heat rejection buildings. To be sincere, all tint color will certainly fall short at some point however the high-quality ones will absolutely last much longer.

Car Tint Color Price:.
Car tint color rate differs with its high quality. Usually typical tinting services from tint store in Malaysia bill around RM600 to RM2000. Anything below the price range is considered not so excellent as well as cost above RM2000 is usually offering you the best quality of automobile window colors including for your very own safety and security as well as an auto defense with car window tinting insurance.

3) Car Tint Brand – V-KOOL, 3M, Hüper Optik, LLumar, ECOTINT, Solar Gard, Air Cool, Armorcoat.

There is a lot of car tint brand in Malaysia. Brands like V-KOOL, 3 M, Hüper Optik, LLumar, ECOTINT, Solar Gard, Air Cool, Armorcoat.

Practically every tinting store around claims that their movies are the very best and so you have to do some study. Typically individuals will certainly opt for the famous and also trustworthy brand. A few of the important facets that you must understand:-.
a) Is the car window tint film of top quality and authentic from the USA?
Some tint stores may claim that their pigmentation movies are from the U.S.A, but if you inquire for even more information about the UNITED STATE producer’s info, they would not be able to answer you. Therefore, you should do your very own research study online as the real brands will typically disclose all the information concerning its products online.

b) Is the car window tint film original?
Some complicated dealer may utilize phony tint film and also give it a “brand-new name” such as HOUSE BRAND NAME or RESIDENCE BRAND and afterward offer it to you at the same rate as the initial movie. Hence, it’s better to do some research in advance about the items’ name and also requirements before you get in the shop.

c) Is the window tint movie specification remedy?
All original USA item features a common product packaging, as well as the brand name logo design, is generally printed on the film. Realize when you could not see/ locate any kind of logo design on the movie when you tint your car.

4) JPJ Certified. (Updated 17 January 2018)

It is essential to recognize that the VLT for front windscreen should be above 70% while the VLT for the rest of the windows needs to be about 50%. (before 1 Jan 2018)

The new standard called MS2669 standard will be effective starting 1 Jan 2018 for all new vehicle registered after 1 Jan 2018. the permissible VLT levels are 70% for the front windscreen, 50% for front side windows and 30% for rear side windows and rear screen.

Source: The Star 

Although your car tint is certified with JPJ rules and also laws, the JPJ policeman may still stop your car as they cannot establish whether your window color film is within the accepted limitations or not as they normally do not carry the VLT meter tool with them. Yet do not worry as the just very dark film will certainly be thought and stopped by them. If someday, you are unfortunate to be dropped in the policeman, they will usually offer you a ” Surat Pemeriksaan JPJ” This letter requires you to spend half a day to do an inspection of your window color tint at JPJ office. If your film is tested “Pass” you can then drive your car away. Nonetheless, if your car window tint is examined “Fail”, you have to remove the film and also come back another time for second assessment.

With the new standard film, it will have a small QR code for the tint and the enforcer can simply just scan it to get the specification of the tinted film. So this may save you from the above scenario. It is also good for the consumer as they going to get a higher quality tint that can last longer and the quality won’t degrade so fast. Low-quality tint that creates an unclear vision that may cause road safety will be reduced.

5) Smart Tag & GPS Friendly.

Make sure the color tint is Smart Tag or GPS friendly. No point obtaining color tint which are expensive and also can turn down a high percent of warmth yet incapable to make use of Smart Tag/ GPS.

6) Choose the right window movie colored installer or dealer.

Prevent dishonest dealers or car tint stores. Some unscrupulous activities include offering rebranded, phony, or so-called home brand name window tint, installing a different car window film from just what was earlier selected, reporting false requirements, and providing incorrect demos during window movie option. Consequently, we need to only go to car-tinting shops that are officially accredited (with visible evidence of permission such as a certification) by the car window tint manufacturers.
Furthermore, all window films should be initial with its brand and trademark, the name of the producer, and place of origin plainly marked on the film.

7) Last but not least Know how to preserve your window colors.

After the color is set up, you need to wait for a couple of days prior to cleansing as well as rolling down your home windows. You ought to not run the risk of drawing the pigmentation loose till you are sure it is fully dried. After having tint applied, the home window is usually cleansed by the installer. When cleansing, it is recommended to make use of a soft paper towel and any kind of ammonia-free cleaner.

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